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I was hooked on WeedtraQR almost immediately as it saved me literally over 12 hours of tedious work within the first 15 minutes of use. After using Biotrack for 2 years as well as trying multiple other traceability software systems, I can confidently say that WeedTraQR is far and away the best traceability option for any I-502 farm.— Hayden - W.O.W! Weed
WeedTraQR attends industry events and has built solid relationships. We signed-up with full confidence we would breeze through the process of getting started. We were not disappointed!— Shawn - Washington Bud Company
You have developed, hands down, the best traceability system I've seen. I recently had to do some work for other 502s in traceability and I am constantly reminded of all the little tricks and conviencies that WeedTraQR offers. You've done great work man.— Alex - Empire Experience
WeedTraQR is easier and saves me a bunch of time over the state system; the support has been fantastic.— Tina - Lady Earth Botanicals
Your system saves us so much time & engergy, it's wonderful— Wendy - Captain Hansons
Using traceability directly from my phone, scanning plants and inventory was a top selling point for WeedTraQR. Makes my life so much easier— Jessica - American Sensi Gardens

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