Tried to put us on blast on Facebook regarding our Sign Up process, a claim we let children outside the USA use our SaaS platform for marijuana traceability.  No way.

WeedTraQR is intended for use only by Washington State licensed I-502 Producers, Processors, Retailers and QA Labs.

Here is a diagram of our sign-up process:

Blue lines represent the process Humans go through automatically when creating a new account on our end.

Orange lines are back-end, automated processes which are evaluating inputs and behaviors.

It should be clear from the above diagram that WeedTraQR is taking multiple steps to ensure the validity of all of our new accounts which is one aspect of keeping the entire system secure for all of our customers.

A recent attempt was made to create an obviously invalid account.  These types of things are common place occurrences on the Internet.  Our system trapped this joker at the On-Boarding & IP Verification stages of sign-up.

We challenge other vendors to provide this level of transparency to their operations.