We’ve recently discovered a few fatal flaws in the BioTrackTHC API constructed for the WSLCB for the I-502 Traceability.  This is further indication if the issues when you have a vendor with a commercial interest in direct conflict with their obligations to provide an open fair access system such as an API or State required systems.

These bugs prevent anyone using the API from accepting transferred inventory or viewing a complete list of Vendors.  This is a critical flaw which makes use of any software depending on these APIs inferior to the product offered by the same vendor who constructed the API

Inbound Transfers are Blocked

The routine to “inventory_transfer_inbound” as required by the WSLCB does not work.  When trying this API call, with correct parameters it will fail, with this message (in JSON format)

{“errorcode”:”602″,”error”:”The barcode identifier could not be found under the specified license number or has already been received.”,”success”:0}

There is a double space between the words ‘identifier’ and ‘could’.  This is a common artifact in application text when expected variables are not properly inserted into the string.

Furthermore, when attempting the same steps via the WSLCB system at http://mjtraceablity.com/ these routines work – which clearly indicates that the system at ‘mjtraceablity.com’ does not interact with the State system in the same way as the API.

Ask your nearest, experienced developer about the benefits of doing mission critical systems in two different, inconsistent way.  It’s a joke.

We’ve raised this issue with both BioTrackTHC and WSLCB, we are waiting for a response.