BioTrackTHC is the vendor who created the system use by the WSLCB to track marijuana growing, processing and sales.  Their false advertising hurts competition for us, Viridian Sciences, GreenBits and MJ Freeway and Agrisoft.

On the home page at as well as on the state run system at BioTrackTHC makes the claim: “The Only Seed to Sale Solution” and has been making this claim since at least 2013.

This messaging is a false claim.  BioTrackTHC is far from the only solution.  MJ Freeway has been in business since 2010 and Viridian Sciences and our solution have been available since 2014 .

It seems the only way BioTrackTHC can win is through these false advertising claims appear to  create tortious interference with their competition.

Here’s some pictures of their lies.

False Claims on the WSLCB Public “fair” access site.

False Claims on their Home Page
BioTrack Lie - Screenshot - 080215 - 00:12:19
False Advertising on the WSLCB Home Page, Endorsement?