We were recommended to SendGrid by our friends at Edoceo.  SendGrid is a well respected service which we expected to use for our email marketing.

We composed a few messages to send out to our list of about 6000 emails.  We had to cut this into small batches of 400 each.  Imagine our surprise that a large percentage of our messages never make it to the recipients inbox, they end up in SPAM.

As a test we added some other test email accounts to our campaigns.  The messages have proper SPF and DKIM (according to headers in Gmail) but still are in SPAM.    We have un-subscribe links and include our phone number!

Google says the messages are similar to other SPAM, here is the message we sent – with the same content in HTML and text format.

Greetings I502 Business Owner; thank you for being part of one of the most exciting business opportunities in the State of Washington.

When considering a traceability compliance software solution for your business, before you go all-in or sign a contract for some expensive solution, please take a few seconds to hear about our homegrown offering which is less expensive to own and operate.

We are WeedTraQR; a Seattle based business focused on delivering the easiest software for traceability compliance at a low cost. We’ve got a demo account setup for you so you can see first hand how efficient and simple our software is.

WeedTraQR does not require any expensive hardware purchases; we work with your existing phones, tablets, laptops and printers and there are no fees for setup, training or support. This reduces startup and ongoing operational costs.

Our software is delivered over the internet. It’s instantly ready from anywhere and reports in real-time to the WSLCB. Our intuitive, responsive interface integrates compliance with your workflow letting you work faster and reducing costly mistakes. Time is money; you know this! WeedTraQR saves you time.

We have all of the I-502 Traceability requirements built in plus additional features such as charting, exportable reports and exchange integration. We constantly incorporate feedback from our clients, and features that I-502 business operators want and need are being added on a regular basis. All this starting at $120/mo.

Check out WeedTraQR. It’s easier. It’s faster. It costs less. Our team is here in Washington and available when you need us.

You can reach us at 855 976 WEED (9333). We want your business to succeed in the legitimate and legal marijuana industry. Let’s work together to bring nature’s gift out of the darkness.

A pretty normal message, nothing to SPAMy it seems.  Only one hyperlink, in a large body of text and it’s a link to HTTPS!

If your small, up-start business is sending messages to users on Gmail be aware that Google’s oppressive policy will likely prevent your business from delivering these messages - even if when they are not spam.