We were recently kicked off of one of our credit card processing companies.  Apparently selling software to report regulatory compliance details to the state government is a high-risk business model.


Many small businesses in the legal-at-the-state-level-marijuana space are being treated in a manner that is, IMHO, inconsistent and unfair to these small businesses.


I’ve a compiled a list of companies that assist in the production, distribution and consumption of marijuana on an illegal, medical or recreational level.  Just like WeedTraQR and loads of other ancillary business we don’t touch a  product that is questionably legal – we sell good and services to folks who are walking the thin line.


The difference? For starters those companies all might do something else; but the Apps in the hosted app-stores do one thing.  Some apps help you grow weed; some apps help you find people to smoke weed with; some help you find a delivery option!


The lesson here is; if you’re a big dog they look the other way; if you’re trying to go first in a market that is just getting some sunshine then “the man” will not waste any opportunity to shit on you.