Y502K – Contract Extension Noise

Just to kind of bring everyone up to date on this one too, it doesn’t look like the contract with BioTrack will be extended. The LCB has asked BioTrackTHC for an extension, WeedTraQR and other third party software providers have publicly (and privately) endorsed this idea.  Currently dozens of licensed operators are messaging the LCB […]

Published: October 24, 2017
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Y502K – Marijuana Traceability is OFFLINE in Washington

UPDATE: The Traceabiliity system will be offline until January 2nd!!! Failure:  “all critical tasks will not be complete by the end of our contract with the current vendor on Oct. 31, 2017” The Washington State Cannabis tracking software (Seed-to-Sale) will be degraded starting Oct 25th, and then completely offline Oct 29th.  MJ Freeway will perhaps […]

Published: October 24, 2017

Washington State Drops BioTrack

It’s now official, confirmed on multiple accounts and the contract negotiations are proceeding. The replacement for BioTrackTHC in Washington State will be MJ Freeway using their Leaf Data Systems product. MJ Freeway has until October 31st to get their replacement system in place. This is a pretty large software project and has a very, very […]

Published: July 8, 2017

BioTrack/WA – Phantom Inventory on Adjustments & Derivatives

Yet another data inconsistency in the BioTrackTHC system for Washington State.  In this case we see the system indicate an Inventory Adjustment – but there is no corresponding record to the Inventory itself.  Either the original Inventory records have been dropped from sync, or the Adjust data-set is improperly including this one. { “atype”: 4, “inventoryid”: […]

Published: October 17, 2016
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BioTrackTHC Cross-State Data Contamination

Today we’ve observed some serious issues with the BioTrackTHC API in New Mexico.  These issues clearly indicate their system is not tested or audited for integrity.  If BioTrackTHC cannot tell the difference between New Mexico and Washington State how can we trust the other data in their system to properly track marijuana? Manifest with Orphaned […]

Published: September 29, 2016
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Businesses Committing Felonies

We were recently kicked off of one of our credit card processing companies.  Apparently selling software to report regulatory compliance details to the state government is a high-risk business model.   Many small businesses in the legal-at-the-state-level-marijuana space are being treated in a manner that is, IMHO, inconsistent and unfair to these small businesses.   […]

Published: June 2, 2015
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Traceability Labeling Costs

Any traceability/tracking system requires some type of labeling or identifiers to be attached on or around the items in question. These can be Barcodes, Stickers, NFC, RFID or any number of other options for tagging physical objects. In Washington State specifically we are using 16 digit identifiers issued by the State. The State supplied system […]

Published: May 3, 2015
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The Trouble with Three Markets

In Washington State, we’ve got three markets for buying marijuana.  The dark-market (DMJ), medical (MMJ) and recreational (RMJ).  This is causing some havoc in the space for many of the participants. For the dark-market side; where the costs to the consumer are lowest (~5-7/g) their sales have been slowing; but gradually.  They already felt competition […]

Published: March 24, 2015
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BioTrackTHC API Errors Prevent Fair Competition

We’ve recently discovered a few fatal flaws in the BioTrackTHC API constructed for the WSLCB for the I-502 Traceability.  This is further indication if the issues when you have a vendor with a commercial interest in direct conflict with their obligations to provide an open fair access system such as an API or State required systems. […]

Published: February 6, 2015
Categories: Marijuana Regulation