Today BioTrackTHC+WSLCB released another update to the API; again with zero advance notice for third party integrators. At the end of Friday an announcement was provided which details the changes. This leaves integrators (such as WeedTraQR) in the lurch. Now, we have to work through the weekend to integrate these critical updates. On multiple occasions WeedTraQR has communicated to both BioTrackTHC and the WSLCB how to deploy updates to an API.

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Here is documentation about yet another data error we’ve found in the Washington State Marijuana Traceability system that is operated by BioTrackTHC A client, who shall remain nameless, brought to our attention that a specific product name was being displayed for 100s of items in their WeedTraQR system but not in their BioTrackTHC Commercial version, nor was this product name showing in the BioTrackTHC Free version. We inspected the data we get from the BioTrackTHC API and found this product name was included, and therefore displayed in WeedTraQR.

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Recently the head legal council for BioTrackTHC wrote an article extolling the virtues of their API. We’ve been using this API for over a year and have to say, it’s a flaming pile of junk. They Get the Basics Wrong It’s kind of known that REST style APIs, while not the best, are very operable for simple data object sharing, which is what we have a lot of here. The marijuana inventory tracking system is simply Plants and Inventory, with some simple properties controlling the owner, or state of the plant.

The WSLCB has recently published the data from their “traceability” system. What a mess. The data is provided via Box: If you download this data be aware that there is no mapping provided at all, you have to know this dataset (which we do). Here’s a few examples of issues we’ve found in this Traceability data so far. The Files all show ‘CSV’ but when you open them it’s really a TSV Retail Sale for Negative Amounts Total THC Results of 390% QA Sample Results w/o Sample Inventory Mis-Matched Location and Organization ID How can it be that the system if record has so many data inconsistencies and errors?

BioTrackTHC is the vendor who created the system use by the WSLCB to track marijuana growing, processing and sales. Their false advertising hurts competition for us, Viridian Sciences, GreenBits and MJ Freeway and Agrisoft. On the home page at as well as on the state run system at BioTrackTHC makes the claim: “The Only Seed to Sale Solution” and has been making this claim since at least 2013.

Viridian Sciences caught a little heck last week for their post claiming that the WSLCB site (previously) at was being used over a non-encrypted connection. In fact, the LCB has flatly denied this. We don’t have any recordings of our findings but, reviewing browser history going back over a few months we could see that the following was true. was begin served over a non-encrypted connection (until at least Jan 12, 2015).

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Tried to put us on blast on Facebook regarding our Sign Up process, a claim we let children outside the USA use our SaaS platform for marijuana traceability. No way. WeedTraQR is intended for use only by Washington State licensed I-502 Producers, Processors, Retailers and QA Labs. Here is a diagram of our sign-up process: Blue lines represent the process Humans go through automatically when creating a new account on our end.

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  The Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) just announced they are going to regularly release information about compliance enforcement and also publish revenue statistics from licensees in the I502 legal cannabis industry. This is an interesting move and signals a continued and rapid maturation in the legal cannabis industry. The stated purpose is to offer an opportunity for legitimately operated I502 businesses to be acknowledged and documented, providing transparency to their operations.