Yet another data inconsistency in the BioTrackTHC system for Washington State. In this case we see the system indicate an Inventory Adjustment – but there is no corresponding record to the Inventory itself. Either the original Inventory records have been dropped from sync, or the Adjust data-set is improperly including this one. { "atype": 4, "inventoryid": "9385560946883972", "location": "412457", "new_quantity": "0.000000", "previous_quantity": "2187.902796695", "reason": "Originally entered with stems and once reprocessed to remove them, the system was not updated to reflect the loss in tonnage.

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This post is targeted to all you technical folks out there who ever tried to use the BioTrackTHC APIs in Washington State. As you’ve likely noticed this API is a poor implementation. Here are some details of what makes it so crappy. Not a REST style May moons ago (c2000) internet software engineers came up with a methodology called REST. It’s an elegant, best-practices way to design computer-to-computer interfaces (APIs).

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