The Oregon Liquor Control Comission has selected the vendor: NIC USA as their vendor for construction of their licensing portion of the M91 legalized marijuana system. NIC USA will be providing this service to the State of Oregon for a quoted cost of $80,000 USD annually with no up-front costs for this service. NIC USA has loads of experience servicing e-gov style web-sites, they will likely use their existing tools and frameworks to bring this system into place quickly.

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Tracking Recreational Marijuana Inventory from Seed to Sale is very close to being a real situation in multiple states, it’s four as of this writing and many more are talking about relaxing their laws around medical use and even starting conversations about recreational use. “Traceability” is a fancy word for inventory management, tracking and auditing. For marijuana this means: Where did the seeds come from? What strain are they? When were they planted and harvested?

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