Just to kind of bring everyone up to date on this one too, it doesn’t look like the contract with BioTrack will be extended. The LCB has asked BioTrackTHC for an extension, WeedTraQR and other third party software providers have publicly (and privately) endorsed this idea. Currently dozens of licensed operators are messaging the LCB to ask to make this happen. We are not so sure it will and are planning for the scenario where it is not extended.

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UPDATE: The Traceabiliity system will be offline until January 2nd!!! Failure: “all critical tasks will not be complete by the end of our contract with the current vendor on Oct. 31, 2017” The Washington State Cannabis tracking software (Seed-to-Sale) will be degraded starting Oct 25th, and then completely offline Oct 29th. MJ Freeway will perhaps have their system online Oct 31st – even if that system is missing features/requirements that currently exist.

It was announced today that MJ Freeway, with about 10 days until go-live is not ready. The LCB has offered what they refer to as a “generous” offer to BioTrackTHC who has declined to extend their services. So, now we have a scenario where the current system becomes reduced in functionality starting on the 25th of Croptober, and is offline from October 29th, until the morning of Oct 31st. A disaster, we could all see coming months ago despite MJ Freeway claiming that all would be well.

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When it was discovered that BioTrackTHC was on the way out in Washington many of you heard WeedTraQR declare: “it’ll get worse before it gets better”. Currently, there is some serious data control issues we’re observing in the BioTrackTHC system. It’s all centered around the Location or License number. In Washington State these are six digit numbers assigned to every location of a business. Licenses are related to a UBI – the Washington State Universal Business Identifier.

It’s now official, confirmed on multiple accounts and the contract negotiations are proceeding. The replacement for BioTrackTHC in Washington State will be MJ Freeway using their Leaf Data Systems product. MJ Freeway has until October 31st to get their replacement system in place. This is a pretty large software project and has a very, very aggressive schedule. The Leaf Data system is barely ready for prime time, we’ve got thousands of businesses to migrate, three years of data and at least six third party API vendors.

Today we’ve observed some serious issues with the BioTrackTHC API in New Mexico. These issues clearly indicate their system is not tested or audited for integrity. If BioTrackTHC cannot tell the difference between New Mexico and Washington State how can we trust the other data in their system to properly track marijuana? Manifest with Orphaned Vendors First what we see is Manifests that indicate they’ve been delivered to Vendors that don’t exist.

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BioTrackTHC is the vendor who created the system use by the WSLCB to track marijuana growing, processing and sales. Their false advertising hurts competition for us, Viridian Sciences, GreenBits and MJ Freeway and Agrisoft. On the home page at https://biotrackthc.com/ as well as on the state run system at http://www.mjtraceability.com/ BioTrackTHC makes the claim: “The Only Seed to Sale Solution” and has been making this claim since at least 2013.

In Washington the Liquor Control Board (LCB) has taken control of the budding Marijuana business. Our Producers, Processors and Retailers – all of them must provide a crazy amount of operational details to the State for compliance reporting. This compliance system also has some APIs exposed which provide a good example of why the State shouldn’t be building these systems. The core problem is there is only one vendor, BioTrackTHC. They constructed this API, provide the documentation and any technical support for this API.

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