Software Requirements

You can get started with WeedTraQR with the tools you have right now.

Any Operating System

Our software works on any platform: Windows, Mac, Chromebook or Linux Computers, Android, iOS or Windows tablets, Android and iOS (8+) phones.

Any Browser

All popular and even the less popular: Chrome 50+, Firefox 50+, Edge, Opera 35+, Safari 9+, Blisk 1+ and Vivaldi 1+

Minimal Network Requirements

WeedTraQR even works well over slower networks and doesn't require a (more expensive) static IP from your service provider.

No Firewall Configurations or Open Ports

Unlike other solutions WeedTraQR doesn't require any open ports or for you to disable you Windows Firewall.

Mobile Apps!


Use the Barcode Scanner .


iOS Application is in Beta, release date pending.